The Company as an organization is wholly committed to the vision of creating:

  • A company providing total solutions to our customers in our chosen business sectors which is viewed by them as a best in class company operating as a profitable, continuously improving, socially responsible and enduring business.
  • We recognise that this is an attainable aim through the creation of a valuable company generating sustained profit growth, taking account of its social and environmental responsibilities working as a team with our suppliers, customers and community with which we operate, to deliver a first class product or service and where people are key to our future success.
  • We will at all times use our best endeavours, individually and collectively, through our everyday action and behaviour to ensure that this vision becomes a reality.
  • We also understand that if we fail to achieve our vision the consequences of this failure to the Company, the community and our customers and suppliers.


The Company recognizes that human rights relate to virtually all aspects of its business. The Company recognizes that it must support employee's rights to dignity, well being, safety and security. This is embodied in the Social Contract between the Company and its employees. The key policies within the Social Contract are those relating to these basic rights. The Company’s commitment to these areas is as follows:

Pay and Hours
The Company seeks to employ and retain motivated and talented people. The Company therefore recognizes the need to reward its employees fairly to encourage them to contribute to the continued success of the business.
The Company will ensure that pay relates favourably in comparison to minimum wage legislation and competitor companies. The Company will also be responsible for the monitoring of working hours practices. In addition to the monitoring of working hours, The Company will also consider local holidays and customs when producing work schedules.

Working Conditions & Health and Safety
The Company seeks to provide safe and healthy working conditions in all locations. The Company expects managers to regard the prevention of accidents and incidents as a high priority and ensure that health and safety training is delivered. It expects local management to provide clean changing facilities and where applicable appropriate rest areas where food may be consumed.

Freedom of Association
The Company respects that every employee should have a voice and be listened to by management. In order to facilitate this, the Company acknowledges the right of all employees to join a union if they so wish and, depending on local legislation or practice, may recognize union membership. The Company undertakes to ensure that no employee is discriminated against because of union membership or in their role as an employee representative.

Employee Involvement and Employment of the Disabled
The Company’s policy on recruitment is based on the ability of a candidate to perform the job. Full and fair consideration is given to the applications for employment from the disabled where they have the appropriate skills and abilities to perform the job. If employees become disabled during the course of their employment with the Company and as a result are unable to perform their normal jobs, every effort is made to offer suitable alternative employment to them and to provide assistance with retraining. It is Company’s policy to encourage the training and further development of all its employees where this is of benefit to the individual and to the subsidiary concerned. This of course includes the provision of training to meet the special needs of disabled employees.

Businesses should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. The Company fully endorses this development and our policies describe the standards that we set ourselves in tackling anti-corruption.