Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Management system is the cornerstone of everything we do....for everybody, at all times....on and off site, on and off shore.

Safety is the primary consideration in the execution of projects at the Harland and Wolff facility. The safety culture is led by the Managing Director, deployed via the Management Team, and continuously monitored by the management and workforce; HSE Managers and Safety Representatives, respectively. The company has maintained its excellent track record for accident zero tolerance through diligent application of a robust Health and Safety system that has led to the award of BS_OHSAS 18001:2007.

A strict proactive policy of safety awareness has been driven by the very nature of the company's line of business. Building ships, oil rigs and renewable energy sub-sea structures requires fabrication of large metal structures, extreme heavy-load lifting and multiple consecutive operations and basically means that the whole facility is considered a working environment. Therefore the company implements a strict policy of applying a Health and Safety Induction course for every visitor who has access to the site. All visitors must wear Personnel Protection Equipment [supplied by the company] and at all times must follow the company's Health and Safety policy. By strict adherence to the policy we guarantee a safe and accident free facility.

The main objectives of our Health and Safety policy are: -

  • Seek to avoid harm to health, injury to employees and others, damage to property or the environment from its operations and those of subcontractors.
  • Ensure that all company employees are competent and that appropriate instruction and training is provided to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently to prevent ill health and accidents.
  • Provide safety devices and protective equipment and the supervision and enforcement of their use.
  • Encourage the interest and support of all employees in matters of health and safety to bring about acceptance of personal responsibility by everybody for health and safety.
  • Apply appropriate measures to minimise any adverse effects of its operations on the environment.
  • Observe all relevant legal requirements.
  • Provide an effective system of communication on safety related matters.
  • Maintain an effective system for monitoring and reviewing health and safety performance.
  • Seek to provide ‘added value’ to the business through the proactive management of health and safety.
  • Maintain a coherent management of health and safety policy, which maximises the contribution of individuals and groups through participation.

We work together with a wide range of groups, such as the British Safety Council and the Northern Irish Safety Group, to ensure continuous process improvement. When appropriate, we work in partnership with our clients to maximise our health and safety culture. Our previous experience, ranging from ship building to the Oil & Gas industry, allows mutual sharing of best practice to ensure client specific project requirements are met. We work in partnership with our stakeholders to ensure everyone's Health and Safety. 

For more details of our Health and Safety policies please refer to Related Documents or contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss our achievements and aspirations.

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