Harland and Wolff operates a Quality Management System (QMS) that in conjunction with the Health & Safety System and the Environmental Management System becomes a fully integrated management system.

The company operates a Quality Management System (QMS) which includes certification with the latest requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The QMS identifies those aspects of the company workscope which are deemed to be critical to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction by consistently providing products and services which meet the customer’s requirements. It includes the corporate processes and procedures within which the company operates. It is however a flexible system and allows for variations for particular Projects where the Client or Certification Authority requirements may differ from the standard QMS approach.

The QMS is a process based model, with documents structured at three levels, the highest tier being Policy/Manual/Objectives, the second tier Process-Based Procedures and the lowest tier Operational Instructions and Records/ Quality Forms.

The key elements of the QMS, which must be controlled in every process within the business in order to ensure quality of the final product, are listed below:

• Competency of Personnel
• Performance Monitoring
• Project Progress Reporting
• Project Change Control
• Procurement – Approved Suppliers
• Quality Records
• Audits
• Quality Feedback System
• Preventive Action
• Corrective Action
• Customer Satisfaction
• Continuous Improvement

Planning is an essential part of the QMS. Project Quality Plans are created for the Client to ensure we have effectively completed the planning stage of the project and documented which specific elements of our QMS we are following for their project. In addition the Plan outlines what type of verification, measurement, inspection, monitoring and test activities shall be applied to the project. Project Quality Plans are issued to the Client for review and approval before work commences.

At each level in the business and throughout all processes a series of controls need to be applied to ensure that the product achieves the desired Quality. These controls will be applied to human resources, facilities and equipment, materials, information and the Quality Management System itself. They will be applied as appropriate at the planning, execution, checking and improvement stages of any project.

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