Renewable Energy Project Synopsis

Using our extensive experience in the marine and offshore oil and gas markets, Harland and Wolff have completed a wide range of projects for the offshore renewables sector, be it wind, wave or tide.

We have a diverse range of clients within the Renewable Energy marketplace, from international blue chip companies to individual entrepreneurs. We tailor the management of the project to suit the client, our flexibility extends from adopting client specific policies and procedures to maximising prototype designs through concurrent engineering practices. 

Our experience is a valuable tool and we frequently assist developers and other concerns, such as The Carbon Trust, in assessing the 'fabrication friendliness' of concepts and pre-commercial products. The benefit of these type of analysis will shape the future of the industry.

With Renewable Energy set to become one of UK's most valuable assets we are confident that our 'safe hands' approach to project management will lead to long lasting relationships with our client base, securing a future for us all.