Blackford Dolphin New Power Generation Module

The Blackford Dolphin Project was a substantial conversion of a ‘cold-stacked’ Aker H3 type semi-submersible being carried out by Dolphin Drilling in the Keppel Verolme Yard.

Client Blackford Dolphin Pte Ltd
Project Blackford Dolphin Generation Module
Date Commenced February 2006
Date Delivered December 2006

H&W tendered and won both the Accommodation Module and Power Generation Module.

The design of the Power Generation Module (PGM) and its internal systems and all the major equipment was a Free Issue from the Client.  H&W were responsible for the manufacture, assembly, outfitting and mechanical completion.  Again the work was carried out in our Manufacturing halls prior to being lifted by one of our "Goliath" gantry cranes onto the delivery barge.  The PGM included: generator room, switchboard rooms, various electrical rooms, bridge, and offices.

The PGM was delivered on schedule, however much of the Free Issue equipment and information had not been delivered to H&W by the PGM delivery date.  To mitigate this, as agreed with the Client, H&W developed a series of shipping routes and integrated runway bars, removable bulkheads and special seats into the structure so that the late eqipment could be shipped in after installation onboard.

After delivery the Client contracted with H&W to install the equipment on-site and complete the associated systems.