Borgsten Dolphin Docking for Survey Upgrade

The Borgsten Dolphin Project was double docked with the Byford in November 2004 for an in-service inspection.

Client Dolphin Drilling Limited
Project Borgsten Dolphin
Date Commenced Early November 2004
Date Undocked Mid March 2005
Date Departed Quay June 2005

Due to contract commitments the Byford was completed first and undocked in mid-December.  The Borgsten also had emergent work from the Structural Inspection and Maintenance Programme (SIMP) inspection and was kept in the dock until mid-March 2005.  Upon completion the unit was relocated to the quay for storage and minor works before departing for a charter in June 2005.

Manhours on project - 63,944

The workscope included;

  • Underdeck Painting
  • Anchor windlasses
  • Weld repairs on Anchor pockets
  • Weld repairs on Chain pockets
  • Weld repairs on K Nodes and columns
  • Main Deck thicknesses
  • Sponson structural repairs
  • DG Upgrades
  • Thruster upgrades
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Accommodation and lifesaving upgrades
  • Pipework mods to HP and LP systems