Friedrich Ernestine

In March 2014 the NSB owned jack-up wind turbine installation vessel Friedrich Ernestine returned to the 335mx50m Belfast Dock at Harland and Wolff Ship Repair.

Client NSP
Project Spud Cans Removal
Date Commenced March 2014
Duration 2 weeks

The scope of work this time around was to remove the 4 spud cans to that the Jack-Up could operate in a different seabed for its next contract.  This operation had never been carried out before on this tyep of vessel.  

To avoid a lengthy (circa 60 day) offshore operation using barges, a bespoke 4.5m deep docking bed was constructed using H&W standard 2x2 concrete blocks and 500mm of wood packing. The vessel was then floated in and dry-docked in the Belfast Dock. The spud cans were lowered onto a prefabricated jig and then disconnected from the jacking legs.

While in dock further work carried out included: clearing sea-fastening off the main deck; marking out winches and bollards on deck; removal and touch-up of paintwork; removal of insulation; and, pedestal crane re-certification.

After the Friedrich Ernestine was undocked the spud cans, each weighing 150t, were then recovered from the dock and subsequently loaded and sea-fastened onto a transport vessel for shipping to the customer's storage port.

The docking of the Friedrich Ernestine was the 10th such visit by a jack-up vessel to the Harland and Wolff shipyard in the past 3 years, highlighting the company's versatility, capacity and expertise in this market.