Mono Bucket

The mono bucket is a revolutionary design combining the main aspects of a monopile and a suction bucket into one product. It has been developed over nearly a decade and after a number of successful prototype installations for both met masts and turbine foundations, is now ready for full scale production and supply to the commercial offshore wind market. It includes an ingenious installation air/water injection system that controls the vertical alignment of the total foundation as it sucks itself into the seabed.

The monobucket is an innovative foundation concept with an integrated approach of importance to the wind power industry. The aim is to reduce the cost and time regarding establishment of offshore wind farms and introduce industrialisation by:

  • Reducing the amount of steel used compared to monopiles, and use simple geometric welded steel structures. The structure is omnidirectional symmetrical with respect to the vertical axis.
  • Reducing offshore operations, utilising smaller equipment/vessels during installation than is used in connection with other foundation types.  The pump unit enables under-pressure inside the bucket and an injection system alongside the skirt tip ensures local seabed liquefaction - the combination ensures soil penetration and transition piece costs or additional grouting are not a concern.
  • Adjusting the upper part of the shaft to fit the standard wind turbine tower or met masts. The load introduced by waves and current is reduced compared to the monopile with transition piece.
  • Simple decommissioning and ability to be reused on other sites.

By installing the foundation by suction, the following environmental benefits are achieved:

  • No pile driving hammers or drill drives are used. Only the use of power packs generates noise, which in no way can be harmful to sea mammals.
  • The seabed is kept intact to a large extent. The use of excess material for scour protection is reduced or not necessary.
  • All steel materials can be retrieved from the seabed and recycled when the foundation is decommissioned.

Fred. Olsen related companies can offer a full, packaged solution for offshore wind farm foundations - from feasibility study / design through to finished installation of an integrated system of foundation and turbine. The consortium provides the expert experience of the following companies: - 

Universal Foundations A/S


Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries Ltd



Met mast provider and CDM coordinator

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier

Transport and Installation

Global Wind Service

Operations & Maintenance