Ship and offshore unit decommissioning

Ship and offshore unit owners / operators now have an alternative to traditional ship breaking solutions, with its inherent environmental and human impact.

The UK Government Department DEFRA established a set of standards that effectively set a challenge to industry to step up and offer a transparent, environmentally sound and socially responsible solution to decommissioning; Harland and Wolff were the first to answer that call and obtain a Waste Management Licence for Ship and Offshore Unit Recycling, based on the newly published standard.

Harland and Wolff offer the ‘Holy Grail’ of ship decommissioning, a dry dock. In keeping with the Basel Convention, this impermeable physical barrier between the recycling project and the surrounding environment ensures that, even in the case of an unexpected event, contaminants cannot escape and contaminate the surrounding environment. Irrespective of the standard of sound procedures, safeguards and equipment, beach, pier or slip decommissioning cannot offer this level of assurance.

The vast docks can accommodate even the largest structures and a high degree of mechanisation strips costs out of the deconstruction process. Result? Cost effective, transparent and compliance assured recycling projects.